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We can transfer pretty much every format of videotape that was ever invented. We can transfer them directly to DVD, or Blu-Ray discs. Or, if you prefer, we can capture your video tapes to a digital file format (H.264) which will allow you to edit your movies on your computer using Windows Movie Maker, or Apple iMovie.

Or, if you prefer, you can sit with one of our editors in our studios, and have your home movies professionally edited together.

VHS to DVD Transfers starts at just $20 for a 2 hour tape. Call us for pricing for bulk tapes, or different video formats.


Super 8, 8mm, and 16mm films.....we transfer them all to DVD, using our state of the art film transfer system that digitally scans each frame of film, which means no flicker.

Our basic service includes adding a title to the beginning of DVD, the removal of easily identifiable black sections, as well as the white leader, and we add music to silent films.

Other optional extras include colour correction, extra titles between each movie film, as well as chapter points between each reel.

And just like videotapes, we can capture your films to a digital file format, so you can edit them yourself on your own computer, or with one of our professional editors in our studios.


Using our professional scanning equipment, we can scan your old photos and slides, and give them to you as a file, which you can take to any photo printing lab and have extra copies or enlargements made.

Or, we can put them together into an amazing photo slideshow which can be played on your DVD player, or computer.

We also offer a photo restoration service which can save those old and damaged photos, and make them look brand new! 


Audio cassettes, dictation tapes, mini cassettes, 8 track tapes, reel to reel tapes as well as old 78rpm acetate and modern vinyl records can all be transferred by our team to CD, WAV or MP3 files.

We also offer an audio restoration service where clicks, pops, and other noisy artifacts can be reduced or in some cases, removed completely using our specialised audio restoration software tools.

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